Unsolicited testimonials for Photo-Saver

Here are a few of the testimonials we received during February, 2019:

Please allow me to offer an unsolicited testimonial to the value and effectiveness of Photo-Saver. I thought my 19+ pictures were gone forever. The card directory did not even list them. Photo-saver recovered every one of these irreplaceable prints (construction shots of the Matt Maupin Welcome Pavilion in Batavia, OH, including shots of Matt's dad, Keith. Matt is the US serviceman held captive in Iraq.) I was able to recover every one of these prints and forward them to community members. Best $15 I EVER spent! Thank you for such a superb product.
Dave O'Toole, djotoole AT fuse.net

"I just returned last night from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to England, and while copying my 500 photos this morning, over 400 of them vanished from my card! I found your software online, and after investing a few minutes and $14.95, I now have all my pictures back! Great product!"
Bruce Pritchett, thepritchetts AT netzero.net

"You and your company are a godsend! After I followed your intructions I was able to recover the pictures from my 50th Birthday party/cruise. Thank you so very much for helping to recover such wonderful memories!"
Lorie Clements, loriejclem AT aol.com   

"This software was invaluable on my day of crisis when my PC crashed in a big way. A week's photos had not been backed up, and I was gutted. Fortunately I found Photo-Saver and retrieved from my "empty" Compact Flash Cards 3Gb of images (nearly 1000 in all). I am extremely pleased and relieved that this product worked so well"
Roger Ryton, [email protected]*****.com

"You've really given me the confidence to purchase software online again especially from a prestigious company such as yourselves. Thanks for helping me recover my precious photos"
Teo Chin Sye, ***@pacific.net.sg

"Wow, it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great product. I am so very relieved to have recovered my precious pictures from Yosemite. Thank you for your support and patience!"
Sue Lebow, slebow AT

"Amazing, simply amazing. You guys ROCK!!! I restored all my lost photos and some I didn't even realize were on that camera. Now I'm going on a diet, as I've realized I used to be a lot thinner!"
Kaye Roadman, buzzg8***@hotmail.com

"I would've paid you a thousand dollars to recover my pictures. I can't believe that your software did such a thorough job. I want to really, really, really thank you. You don't know how much you've touched me"
Sherie Hurst, themuseh*****@gmail.com

"Dudes, you're the best here. Add this to your testimonials pipe and smoke it with pride! Photo-Saver is my best investment ever and I can't thank you enough for getting back my tour images"
Chad Wheeler, wheel80***@gmail.com

"It did the trick. Brilliant. A million thank-you's for the product and your excellent service. A VERY satisfied customer!"
Graham, graham****@tiscali.co.uk

"I couldn't recover the photo files using other methods I'd tried, so I plugged in my camera and bought Photo-Saver. It undeleted my ENTIRE camera! I'm so relieved and happy. They were of our neighborhood holiday cocktail crawl!"
John Christ, bjsteph***@sbcglobal.net

"This isn't a query, but a compliment. After using it with such success, I just had to mail you to compliment Photo-Saver! A wonderful piece of software at a very, very reasonable price. Rest assured, I will recommend it to anyone that asks!"
Sue Smith, [email protected]****.freeserve.co.uk

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Approximately �10.95 or 12.95 Euros

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